Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I am in LOVE with my new office.

I feel like the queen of everything in here.  It's awesome. 

I have a houseful of people that I dearly love more than anything in the world.  But.  They are so needy

After spending the last couple of semesters setting up  ad-hoc study areas around the house (none of them comfortable) and then spending my summer 16-day statistics marathon at the kitchen table with the noise and the questions, and the chatter, all the while glaring at my family with violence in my eyes, I finally have a real home office! 

One of the best features?  A door - so I can close it and thus reduce the incidence of glaring at my family with violence in my eyes.

I made the curtains from some really decadent fabric I bought at Hobby Lobby and then used that iron-on fabric glue to make the hems and seams.  I don't sew.  It's not that I can't sew.  It's that I don't. I love the fabric so much, I couldn't bring myself to discard the last of it, and instead made it into a chair-back coverlet.  Here I will work out the last of the bills, loose ends, and other headaches before school begins.  After school is underway, this will be the CNS of my academic life.

Bliss. :-)

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